Tan Incorporated Coconut Cake Tanning Lotion Bottle

Tan Incorporated Coconut Cake Tanning Lotion

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Size:  7.5 Oz.

Fragrance:  CocoHoney Nectar 

Advanced Tanning & Redlight Lotion
Queen Honeybee Butter & Coconut Glow Creme

You can finally have your cake and eat it too! Follow your heart’s desire- whether it’s the exotic bronze glow of the islands or a healthy-looking & youthful radiance, both are yours. It’s the perfect pair, as nothing goes better with a captivating bronze than an envy-worthy youthful glow. And, it’s as easy as…cake.

  •  Advanced Tanning & Redlight Technology all-in-one is the perfect recipe
  •  A “Queen Honeybee” Royal Honey & Coconut Butter infusion conditions skin for the ultimate bronze
  •  A Potent secret “eternal youth” serum
  •  Lush amounts of Carrot Oil help your tan reach entirely new levels
  •  Triple Coconut Complex is pure bliss for you and your skin
  •  Tattoo Enhancing Tech gives your ink increased vibrancy 

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