Tan Asz U Spicy Sun Rum Tanning Lotion Bottle

Tan Asz U Spicy Sun Rum Tanning Lotion

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Size:  7.5 Oz.

Fragrance:  Ibiza Candied Rum

Hot Tingle Tanning Lotion
Black Pearl & Peptide
Carrot Oil Cocktail

How do you capture the best vacation you’ve ever had in a bottle?  1 part care-free bliss, 1 part irresistible fragrance, 1 part sun sizzle, 1 part dark island glow, and a whole lot of rum.  Mix, shake, & bake for the time of your life.  Be sure to take some selfies, because you’ll want to remember this feeling forever.

  •  Advanced tanning formula drenches you in darkness
  •  The perfect level Hot Tingle invigorates the senses just right
  •  Dark Tanning Complex basks skin in the ultimate sexy glow
  •  Lush amounts of Carrot Oil take that color and dial it up all the way
  •  A Tiger Grass infusion helps your tattoos look their brightest

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