Devoted Creations so Naughty Nude Sunless Lotion -

Devoted Creations so Naughty Nude Sunless Lotion

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Size: 11.0 Oz.

Fragrance: Pink Sugar

The cosmetic bronzers will deliver an immediate tint to the skin while the diamond dust hides tiny imperfections and highlights your most desirable features. The DHA bronzers will deliver long lasting delayed results that develop up to 3 hours after tanning. Loaded with skin firming and antiaging complexes, this product will help to target those areas that you want to firm and tighten.

The unique Dead Sea Mineral Complex is combined with exotic skin care ingredients that will work wonders on the skin, diminishing the signs of aging, repairing damage, improving elasticity, reducing the appearance of cellulite and delivering a youthful glow. SunXTend complex completes the moisturizer and helps to extend the life of your tan.

  • Light, silky moisturizer
  • DHA self tanners allow for perfect just from the beach color
  • Antiaging and skinfirming benefits
  • Diamond dust skin illuminators
  • Cosmetic color for an instant glow

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